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All classes currently Live online & In Studio


Level I
Level I is where you build your foundation that everything else is built from in Egyptian dance. I will break down all the basic movements into their smallest components. Breaking each movement down this way ensures you understand how to execute them and helps you master each intricate movement faster!

Level II
In Level II, we build on all the foundational movements learned in Level I. Making sure you can execute movements with proper form and ease (over time) adding in new layers as well as traveling and basic turns

Level III
Level III is where I help you master more advanced Egyptian Dance technique. We add in Egyptian props and folkloric dances and we work on ensuring you dance with great technique. We also focus on adding in level changes and mastering all movements with fluidity, ease, speed and grace.

Level IV
Level IV is for the advanced dancer, no technique breakdown, or issues, just follow-the leader style with professional level technique and choreography.

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Private Classes

Want to take your dancing to the next level, or are you not able to make it to our group classes? Reach out to book private classes.

Offered in studio or online. 

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