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"Zahra helped me get to the next level in my Egyptian belly dance. Her technique instruction is incredible. Her enthusiasm for the music and the culture brings her students joy.


Zahra is a caring and thoughtful teacher. Her level of professionalism is superb. 


Zahra’s classes have something for everyone. They are a fun cultural experience and serious dance study."



"Every week I look forward to attending class. Dancing and shimming my hips with Zahra brings me such joy. I have been attending Zahra's class for over a year now. During this time, I have learned about the Egyptian culture as Zahra incorporates history, tradition, and folklore into her classes. I have been a dancer for many years. Finding an instructor that embodies the passion for Egyptian dance as much as I do is critical in my decision to choosing an instructor. Dancing with Zahra has been a great experience as I have had the opportunity to perform with other ladies that have become good friends. Together we have built a community in which we learn and grow. Zahra has created a safe environment for the dancer to be comfortable and progress in this journey on learning the Egyptian dance. My ten year old daughter has been inspired and joined a few months ago. Try a class, you will also be inspired by this beautiful dance. "       


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